Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer - Making Talent Acquisition Sustainable

January 29, 2021

The OrganisationLeading contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), with multiple sites globally. Following an IPO and subsequently being acquired, they embarked on a growth journey, now a market leader in their own field, producing outsourced pharmaceutical production to its customers. They continue to expand double digit annually, which is above market growth of 7%.The ChallengeHigh demand and low availability of talent in a highly competitive market, brand that is business to business with no real visibility by the end consumer, lengthy hiring processes and sites in remote locations. Whilst operating in an industry that is lean, due to the outsourced nature within this industry. Availability of talent when you need it, has a direct impact on industry wide metrics.The SolutionUtilising a talent acquisition audit process was the initial step to quickly identify opportunities and understand current maturity of processes. The road map was designed using an outcome focused approach and built on clear principles. The operating model was achieved with a zero-net headcount and cost gain. The engagement and communication tools were critical success criteria. Built engagement around business language rather than HR speak. Leadership quickly recognised that this talent acquisition infrastructure would have a direct impact link between their ability to execute and their corporate objectives. The outcome was a hybrid approach of fixed and flexible resources, recruiting technology and being anchored by smart ways of working.

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Neil Kelly

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